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Sinan Hussein – Bio


Who am I?

Good Question! I’ll get straight into it then. My parents called me Sinan. I have 2 different surnames (long story, perhaps for another blog) but i prefer to use the one on my UK passport which is Hussein. Yes, UK passport. I was born and grew up in London till the age of 12, until my family moved to Cyprus where our roots are originally from. I endured a huge culture shock at that age, and had to pick myself up pretty swiftly to adapt to a new education system quite far from what i had seen in the UK. Ever since we moved i never have really seen myself as 100% British or Cypriot. I prefer to call myself a global citizen.

My education and current profession?

I graduated with a bachelor of science in Business Administration Middle East Technical University (Cyprus) and then went on to Edinburgh Napier University (Scotland) and IPAG Business School (France) to complete a dual diploma masters degree with distinction in International Marketing with tourism and events. I found myself in the Higher education sector as soon as I returned to Cyprus in 2015 working as an International Recruitment Officer in the International Office at the university I graduated from METU Northen Cyprus Campus. I’ve been in this position for almost 2 years now and I’m responsible for the Asia and Africa market although as we are a small team I also find myself going to other markets such as the Gulf countries from time to time.

Why am I writing?

I’m not starting this blog with the belief that I am an expert and with the thought that everybody must follow my advice. NO WAY! However, I do believe that I can share my experiences and views for students and alongside this, student recruitment strategies that can be useful for institutes of higher education as well.If my blogs manage to influence anybody who may come across them, great.

My final note for this post

Studying abroad is a very popular trend around the world, especially for 3rd world countries. Students take a life changing gamble based on what we say as student recruitment officers when visiting these countries. What is crucial is that universities manage to deliver information in an accurate, honest and transparent fashion in the most attractive way possible. For students looking to study abroad, it’s all about research research research. Research on education quality, research on living conditions, research on future prospects etc. The list goes on.. So I hope you enjoy this blog and I welcome any feedback you may have to offer.